Sign Phrase Ideas!

This Lady is 80!

80 years young and still having fun

Cheers to 50 Fabulous Years {name}!

Cheers to {name} & 50 Fabulous years!

{name} still nifty at 50!

Celebrating 50 years of {name}

(name) is Hot & Flashy at 50!

Have a Hot & Flashy 50th (name)!

Have a Hot & Flashy Birthday (name)!

Happy Birthday! (name) is smoking hot!

50 is 5 perfect 10’s

50 and Functioning

(name) is Fabulous and 40/50

50 and Fabulous!

Fabulous & Fun at 40/50

This Diva is 40/50 & Fabulous!

50 cheers for 50 years!

50 Cheers to {name}!

Cheers to 50 Years! We {heart} {name}

Oh No (name) is the big 4-0, 5-0

Say it is not so, (name) is the big 4-0, 5-0

Lordy Lordy, (name) is 40!

Oh Lordy! {name} is 40!

Fierce & 40

60/70 Stunning!

Sassy & 70

70 & Special

Fabulous since 1944!

{name} is Sensational at 70

70 & Aged to Perfection

70 and Sensational

Sensational & Sassy at 70!

(name) is 30 & Flirty!

{name} is Dirty 30!

(name) is over the hill!

Looking Great at 48…28…38…58

42 got nothing on you! HBD {name}!

Fun, Fab & 42! {name} we {heart} you!

Oh My Heavens!, {name} is 37!

Almost out of (past) his prime, (name) is 29/39/49/59

On Par since 1944

Happy Birthday Paw Paw!

Deer (name)! Happy Birthday!

Happy 50th {name}! You Old Buck!

It’s the Big One! Happy 50th (name)

Best Fishes on your Bday!

Fishing You a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to a Reel Man!

You Da Man!

Honk for (name) he/shes (age) today

Honk! It’s (names) 13th birthday!

Hello Teen Scene! Happy 13th Birthday!

Everybody Scream! {name} is 13

Honk! {name} is 13 today!

Honk! It’s {names} 13th birthday!

Hooray! {name} is 13 today!

Teenager in the House! #HBD {name}!

Happy Birthday {name}! Sweet 16!

Happy Sweet 16 {name}!

(name) is 16 and never been sweeter!

How Sweet it is! {name} is 16!

Leap Year:

Happy 4th Birthday! {name} is 16!

You make 10 look great/fab! Happy 40th!

You are 4x as good as your age!

What fun (name) is 1 (How fun)

Have you heard the news (name) is 2(did you hear) (Hear the)

Lifes no bore now that (name) is 4

Look alive (name) is 5


We’re getting our kicks cause (name) is 6

It’s Sweet to be 6!

(name) is in heaven cause he/she is 7

Ain’t it Great? Three fun girls are 8!

After a Long Wait, {name} is 8!

Three Cheers for 8 years!

Isn’t it great? (name) is 8

(name) is feelin fine cause now he/she is 9

World’s Best Mom/Dad

#1 Mom/Dad

Our Mom/Dad Rocks!

L(heart)VE YOU DAD! (kids name)

We (heart) you to the moon and back Dad!

Welcome (name) (weight) (date)

(name) is here!   (weight) (date)

It’s a girl/boy! Welcome (name) (weight) (date)

A Blessing Has Arrived! Baby {name}

Homecoming/Prom (name)? (boys name on short)

Congrats {name}! Class of 2016!

Congrats (name) (year), (jersey #)

Good Luck at (blah blah) (name) #77

Go (team name) (sport) #1, Rocks!

(team name) Rule!

Cheerleaders Rock!

(team name) loves coach (name)!

Thanks coach (name)

Happy (year) Anniversary!

20 Years of Love! xoxo

Best Wishes (name) and (name)

(name) & (name) are getting hitched!

Wedding date

Let’s Shower (name) and (name) with love (heart)

We love our teachers!

Welcome to your new home (name}!

Congrats {name} Family on your new home!

Goodbye tension hello pension

Time to rest time to play (name) retired today

Welcome Home Stuff:

USA missed You!

The Leader of Our Pack is Back!

Home is where the heart is!

True/Missed You!

Our Home is Complete

Yearned for your return.

Welcome back Dear, glad to have you near.

I’m complete. Having you here is so sweet.


Finally Here/Near.



He/She’s Home!

No More Waiting!

Twins: The Party is Here! Double Trouble!